Go and Do charter

     Aims of Go and Do 

-         To discover and experience rural ways of life throughout Europe
-         To encourage the exchange of knowledge and know-how
-         To facilitate the cultural exchange between of the people of various ages, nationalities and regions in the Cultural Villages of Europe network.
-         To extend communication, solidarity and friendship between participating villages.

Both host and guest agree on

1-      Setting a good balance between working time, free time, and communal time. We suggest making contact with each other and agreeing on aims previous to the visit.

2-   The host and guests should inform each other should they wish to make any changes in the agreement they have previously made.

Host’s participation commitment

To be a Go and Do requires a commitment and a desire to share skills, activities and expertises either amateur or professional in individual or communal sessions.

The Go and Do Host will introduce his visitor to his way of life and to the local culture.

The Go and Do programme is an exchange of accommodation and food for volunteering. There will not be any exchange of money.  

Go and Do guest is not an employee nor a subordinate and no profit should accrue from his activity.

Nine commitments for the host participant

1-      To guarantee that his property is in or nearby the cultural village, in a rural setting.
2-      To guaranty an appropriate level of accommodation (food, bed bathroom…)
3-      To help the Go and Do guest to succeed in his/her aims before the arrival and on the spot.
4-       To help the Go and Do guest experience the local culture.
5-      To reply to Go and Do guest’s requests even if in the negative.
6-      To inform the Cultural Village association of your area when you will receive a Go and Do guest.
7-      To accept visits from the Cultural Villages staff.

8-      To contact association of Cultural Villages in case of problems in order to allow continued improvement in the way Go and Do functions, and also to report all positive aspects of the programme and its evaluation.
9-      To be appropriately insured without recourse to the responsibility of the  Go and Do guest.

Go and Do guest participant’s commitment

The Go and Do guest is to be a member of the local Cultural Village association or Village.

To be a Go and Do guest is to make a personal commitment requiring preparation which the local association can help with.

To be Go and Do guest is to be involved with the host family, its life style, and to adapt himself to the local way of life.

Go and Do network is not just a way to find a free accommodation, nor to find a job.

Nine commitments for Go and Do guest participants

1-      The Go and Do guest must organise and pay for his journey to his host, the local Cultural Village association can advise on grant aid.
2-      The Go and Do guest freely volunteers to participate in various activities during his stay.  
3-      The Go and Do guest should engage with and participate in family life.
4-      The Go and Do guest agree to answer any correspondence from members or staff of Cultural Village associations. He/she should keep in touch with Cultural Village association during his/her stay.
5-      Le Go and Do guest respects the people who accommodate him/her, and their home.
6-      The Go and Do guest is free to chose the duration of his visit in agreement with his host.
7-      The Go and Do guest must take out insurance to cover any damage for which he may be responsible during his stay. In addition he/she must have personal health insurance covering hilliness, accident and any consequences there of occurring during his stay.
8-      The Go and Do guest certifies being over 18 years old. There is no age limit.
9-      After his /her trip, the Go and Do guest agrees to one or more of:
-         send an article to a newspaper
-         make a presentation of his/her trip to the members of Cultural Village association
-         To be patron of a future Go and Do participant.
-         Carry on travelling with Go and Do.
-         Send his/her travel book to the cultural Village association.

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